Vendor List

Agates Anonymous

Their goal is to provide a wide variety of world class agates for the avid rock collector. They specialize in the finest agates available, however, make it a point to provide a great selection of more affordable agates for the hobbyist rock hound as well.

Agate Bay

Agate Bay is known for their high quality collector specimens from all over the world. They focus on agates from Europe, Morocco, and China. A great selection of these specimens will be available at the show.

The Agate Trader

The Agate Trader was founded in 2010 by Thom Lane, who has been involved in the world of agates and jaspers since 1970 when he began making his living cutting cabochons. Since that time Thom has been a collector, a miner and a dealer in agate and jasper specimens. He will have top quality agate and jasper specimens at the show.

The Agate Works

The Agate Works was created to provide jewelry artists and cabochon collectors with unique gemstones of high-quality workmanship.  Many of the materials offered have been self-mined from the Western United States and Mexico.  They will have a wide range of materials as designer cabochons, Dryhead Agate Specimens, Polyhedroid Agate Specimens available at the show.

Agate of the World

They collect agates from around the world, but specialize in Kentucky Agates. Agate Specimens from Russia, India, Madagascar, Brazil, and Kentucky will be available at the show.

Alzrox, LLP

The company specializes in rough rock, tumbled stone, fossils, rough slabs, polished specimens, beads, books, home decor, minerals, and cabochons.  Crowley Ridge, Lake Superior, Royal Aztec, Mexican Varieties, Fairburn, Black River, Condor, Samytas, Queensland, Mozambique Rose, Baker Ranch are among the varieties of agate that will be available at the show.  They also plan to have some uncommon European Agate on hand.

The Amethyst Rose

The company specializes in jewelry and cabochons.  They will have products on hand cut from Inca, Montana Moss, Coyamito, Laguna, Crazy Lace, Teepee Canyon, Botswana, Dryhead, Tuxedo, Polka Dot, Del Norte Plume, Blue Lace, Malawi Blue, Luna, Agua Nueva, Waldhambach, and Moroccan Agate. (Jewelry) (Cut Stones)

Apalachee Minerals, Inc.

They are known for Agatized Coral from various Florida and Southern Georgia locations, which will be available as polished pairs.  Petrified Wood, Thunderegg, and Western U.S. Agates specimens will also be on display at the show.

Auntie M’s Menagerie

Marcia specializes in cabochons. Laguna Agate and Agua Nueva Agate cabochons are among her specialties.

Best Little Ore House

John Hurst in best known as the author of the book, “Dryhead Agate”.  They specialize in jewelry, beads, spheres, and specimens.  The products will be available in the following agates at the show: Brazilian, Lake Superior, Fairburn, and Dryhead.

Burnie’s Rock Shop

The company has been in business for over 50 years.  They sell a wide variety of jewelry and specimens created from many types of agates and jaspers.  Some of the agates they will have on hand include: Indian Dendritic, Brazilian, Botswana, and Crazy Lace.

Costigan’s Minerals – West

(aka Rockman69)

The company is best known for their Lake Superior and other worldwide agates.  They have a huge selection of lapidary rough material which includes Mad River, Black River, Moroccan, Jequitinhonha Agate, and more which will be available at the show.

Cynthia Kelman Jewelry

The company produces jewelry, home decor, carvings, and cabochons from a variety of agates.  They also produce from some unusual and rare types of agates.

Del Sur

The company is best known for agates from Argentina.  They will have specimens, slabs, and rough rock in Condor, Puma, Black River, Crater, Snow, Ghost, and Tehuelche Agate.

Diamond Pacific

Diamond Pacific is one of the major manufacturers of lapidary equipment for the rockhound hobbyist, professional gemcutter and jeweler, and for a variety of commercial uses, from deburring metal parts to testing geological specimens and concrete for highways.

Different Seasons Jewelry

Different Seasons is a family-based collaborative art jewelry studio that is known form creating high quality custom jewelry with rare, exotic gemstones. They will have a selection of primarily dinosaur bone products at the show.

Doug Moore Creative Pursuits, LLC.

Doug is best known for his creative photography of rocks and exotic agate varieties.  His photography will be available as posters and postcards at the show.  He will also have a selection of Thundereggs and German Agates available at the show.

Dwarves Earth Treasures

They are known for a having a diversity of agates and thundereggs.   The company caters its business to the new or budget agate collector.

Earth Prospect & Mining Co.

“Some Of The Finest Things Come From The Earth!” is their slogan, and specialize in Kentucky and Nolte Agate. They will have an assortment of rough rock, specimens, cabochons, jewelry, and equipment available at the show.

Evans Art & Agates

Evans Art & Agates was developed because of their passion for exquisite banded agates. Their jewelry is created to reveal that inner beauty of a particular agate.  The agate jewelry encompasses the Fairburn agate,Teepee Canyon, Dryhead, Laguna, Lake Superior and many other agates.

Exclusive Inspirations

The company uses Argentium Sterling Silver and 14/20 14kt gold filled wire to create one-of-a-kind designs. All of the stones are unique and come from numerous locations from across the globe. The company also collects and cuts many of the unique stones in the jewelry. Each is carefully selected for beauty and artistic allure.

The Gem Shop, Inc.

The Gem Shop is a true lapidary, from the mining of fine agates and jaspers to the cutting of unique designer cabochons.  They carry a wide assortment of cabochons, stone and metal beads, fine agate and jasper specimens. The Gem Shop, Inc.  also sells a variety of minerals and rough rock from all over the world.

Gems of the Earth

They have been in the rock business for 40 years and specialize in Moroccan and Turkish Agate. A selection of designer cabochons and specimens from these materials will be available at the show.

Gitche Gumee Museum

The museum’s goal is “To create an environment that stimulates people’s desire to learn, understand, and gain a better perspective about their lives and the world around them.” They will have a variety of rock products on hand.

GLG Jewelry & Rock Shop, Inc.

The company is best know for their quality agates, rocks, minerals, and handcrafted natural gemstone jewelry created in-house.  The agates that their specimens and jewelry display include; Botswana, Brazilian, Polyhedroids, and many more.

Highland Park Lapidary

Highland Park Lapidary manufactures high performance slab saws, sphere cutting machines, specialized diamond tooling and oil cleaners. They design all their products in their shop in Texas and manufacture them in their factory in China staffed with their own employees who they personally manage to insure the highest quality every step of the way.

I-Deal Rock ‘n Gem

The company focuses on agates from the Southwestern U.S., but also carries Queensland Agate and Agatized Coral. They will have rough rock, polished specimens, cabochons and jewelry at the show.

Indus Valley Commerce

They have been doing extensive agate mining in India for generations.  Some of the world’s finest dendritic agate cabochons and jewelry along with antique agate artifacts are a few of the products that will be available at the show.

Lake Superior Agate, Inc.

Scott has found many beautiful Lakers in and around Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa. He has authored two other books on the subject – The Lake Superior Agate and The Lake Superior Agate: One Man’s Journey. In addition to having a great selection of Lakers, he will also have Brazilian Agate, Chinese Agate, and Black River Agate Specimens at the show.

Leeds Fine Jewelry

Leeds Fine Jewelry is a designer and promoter of their own personal line of Acid Etched jewelry, unique Kentucky Agate jewelry and products, and other distinctive jewelry pieces that really stand out to the beholder. A world leader in Kentucky Agate products from rough to spheres.  They creates works of art that reflect emotions, memories and passions.

Nesper’s Montana Agates

Jeff Nesper specializes in Montana Agates. He will have rough, specimens, cabochons, and slabs of Montana Agate at the show.

Rare Rocks and Gems

Rare Rocks and Gems specialize in Plume Agates such as Feather Ridge, Linda Marie, and Antelope Springs.  They will have cabochons, specimens, slabs, and rough material from these various Plume Agates and other fine jaspers and agates from the Northwestern United States.

Rock Biz

The company specializes in fluorescent minerals, mineral specimens, and a variety of worldwide rock specimens.  The agate specimens include Brazilian, Lake Superior, Montana Moss, Dryheads, Dugways, and much more.

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is a family owned lapidary business, and specialize in a unique and wide variety of agate, jasper, petrified wood and other materials from all around the world.

S&S Lapidary

The company specializes in rough rock and polished specimens.  Kentucky, Mexican, Oregon, and Union Road Agate are some of the agate that will be available at the show.

 The Sagenite Man

Gary specializes in Trent Agates, Saddle Rim Sagenite, Laguna Agate, Condor Agate, Gary Green, Thunderegg, and wood from classic Oregon localities. Many of the specimens and polished pieces for sale at the show will be from Gary’s personal collection assembled over the course of the past 40 years, and offered for sale for the first time ever.

Seven Fingers, Inc.

Tom’s timeless pieces are inspired by organic forms and geometric balance. In designs that centerpiece precious stones, Tom begins by searching through piles of opals, agates, or other precious materials to find unique stones that, in his words, “are able to take on a greater meaning”. With this vision, Tom cuts each stone and frames it in a way to bring out its natural beauty.

Silverwind Agates

The company is best known for Fairburn Agates and the book “South Dakota’s Fairburn Agate” by Roger Clark.  They will also have Biggs Jasper, Montana Moss, Condor, and Mexican Agates on hand.  They sell these agates and jaspers in rough form, finished jewelry, slabs, specimens, and cabochons.

Snob Appeal Jewelry

They are known for their handmade agate jewelry, and specialize in Lake Superior Agate.  Other agates that they work with include Laguna, Moss, Fire, Lace Agate and much more.

Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop

They specialize in thundereggs from New Mexico and actively dig their claims and seek out new deposits.  The thunder-eggs have psuedomorph’s, banded agate, jasper, opal, & crystal pockets. A few of the egg deposits even glow under short-wave black light.

Stewart’s Gem Shop

Stewart’s Gem Shop is known as the “Home of the Idaho Star Garnet”. They will have a selection of Graveyard Point Plume Agate products available at the show.

Stones Throw Lapidary

Stones Throw offers a wide variety of material for both collectors and lapidary craftsmen.  For collectors they have finished pendants, earrings, necklaces, and face polished agates with shadow from Botswana, Lake Superior, and Morocco to name a few.  They also have a wide variety of bookends, Petrified Wood, Dugway Geodes, and minerals.  For those looking for cutting and tumbling material they have Ocean Jasper, India Green Tree, Mexican Crazy Lace, Whole Brazilian Agates, Moroccan Agate, as well as slabs for cabbers.


Superagates believes that the banded agate is the most interesting gemstone, and are thrilled that agate their our business. They carry a wide variety of Dryhead agate, Fairburn agate, Laguna agate, and Botswana agate.

Tom Wolfe Minerals

Tom will have a variety of agates including Dryhead, Wingate, Agate Creek, Baker Ranch, and Botswana Agates on hand.  The agates will be available as specimens and cabochons.