Lorrie Peterson

Lorrie Peterson grew up in the small town of Chester, California. She received her B.A. from Fresno State University, California, in Psychology and continued with graduate work at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Professionally, most of her adult life has been in higher education holding a variety of positions including professor, basketball coach, athletic director, Dean of Instruction and Vice President of Academic Affairs. She retired in 2003 as Professor Emeritus in Psychology and Statistics from the University and College System of Nevada.

Although always an ‘outdoor girl’ she did not direct her attention to rocks until 1992 when she and her husband, John, joined the Reno Gem & Mineral Society. They have since been voted Life Members of this organization. At first, she was interested in all types of rocks and geological processes, and still is. However, in 2004 she started seriously collecting agates and that has been her passion ever since. She enjoys finding agates in the field, working them into display specimens, cabochons, or mushrooms. Her mushroom display case has received many awards including ‘Best of Show’ or ‘Most Popular.’ She tries to keep her personal collection of display specimens to a size of 500 agates from outside the U.S. and 500 agates from the U.S.A. Recently she has been focusing on creating a display of agates from Nevada. She has given many presentations on agates with the goal of sharing the beauty of agates, and clarifying the terminology, structures and characteristics of agates for the beginning collector or general rockhound.