Lori Coleman


Lori Coleman caught the rock-hounding bug from her late husband Kevin Coleman in the early 80’s in the Mississippi Delta. They were cotton farmers by trade but spent their spare time walking creek beds to find petrified wood and walking the farm fields finding arrowheads. Kevin and Lori amassed one of the finest arrowhead collections to come out of the Mississippi Delta. Later in the 90’s they started planning family vacations to Mt. Ida, Arkansas to dig for quartz crystals.

Lori and her Kevin retired from farming in January 2009. After studying the topographical maps of southern New Mexico they decided to move to Deming, New Mexico to spend their days digging for agates. Thus began Lori’s life as owner of Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop.

Spending a lot of time prospecting for deposits in the Luna County Lori loves spending her time outdoors collecting or behind the saws cutting. Out of the 6 claims that she currently owns, 2 of the most well known thunder egg deposits are: Eggzilla and Lava Cap. Needless to say, her passion is thunder eggs.

Lori is licensed and permitted in 2013 through the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division. She typically attends two shows: Tucson Az. and Denver Co. however in 2014 she was able to attend the NY/NJ show as well. She was an Exhibitor at the club show in Denver in 2014 and a speaker also. She will be attending the Agates 2016 Expo as a Vendor and Exhibitor.

During dig times, it is a family affair. Lori and her 4 children and daughter-in-law all still work together to complete the process. It was quite a bit easier on her last dig in June 2014 than it used to be because she able to use an excavator instead of digging by hand. Lori also does all of her own cutting, polishing and just recently took lessons from world renowned photographer Tom Shearer to photograph her thunder eggs.

She is currently the President of the Chamber of Commerce in Deming, NM and has been featured in the “Deming Horizons” magazine. A great accomplishment and honor for her was to have not one, but three of her thunder eggs featured in the “Gem Shop” 2015 calendar. (The month of May). She was also on the cover of the Arizona Wall Street Journal Feb. 2015 insert. Lori’s Lava Cap thunder eggs is featured in the Mineral-alien Welt magazine March 2015.

Lori is currently working with The Friends of Rockhound State Park to build an interactive geology program in memory of her late husband Kevin Coleman for children, school, groups and individuals who visit the park to dig for thunder eggs.
Lori is a constant encouragement to people with interests such as hers, and hopes that they get as much enjoyment out of rocks, gems & minerals as she does. She tries to live by the motto ‘Do what you love and love what you do.’