Thom Lane

Thom Lane Thom began collecting fossils in Texas when he was eight. His family moved many times during World War II and collecting helped him maintain some continuity in his life. When he was twelve his family settled in San Jose, and he began mining and collecting more seriously. Thom mined the dumps and tunnels of the old mercury mines for rare mercury minerals which he traded with other collectors.
Later, he began to mine Benitoite which he traded with a geologist who had access to the tunnels of the legendary Tiger Mine in Arizona, an event that improved his collection greatly. Thom sold his mineral collection when he was 19 for enough money to go to Mexico City and study anthropology.
In 1970, he returned to the agate world and began to earn his living as a lapidarist. For twenty years he made his living as a cabochon artist. Around 2000 he settled in Tucson after many years of visiting the world famous gem show, held in Tucson, Arizona, each year.
Gradually, he shifted away from lapidary work and became a dealer in polished specimens of agates and jaspers. He opened an online store, but after two years he realized the advantages of offering a personal service to individual collectors. He closed his online store and developed a different internet-based approach which users can access by visiting his website listed below.
Over the years, Thom assisted Gene Mueller with his mining operations at the Morrisonite mine in Oregon and at the Agua Nueva mine in Mexico. He pursues fine specimens of agates and jaspers from the U.S., Mexico, Argentina, Patagonia, and recently from Germany and Morocco. Thom enjoys meeting new collectors and devotes his time to finding agates of the finest quality for his clients. More information available at