Marco Campos-Venuti


 Marco Campos Venuti was born in 1965. He has a Ph.D. in volcanology and is editor of the Rivista Gemmologica Italiana. Since his childhood he is a passionate collector of stones, and was always curious to investigate their origin. He has an important collection of agates and jaspers and has written innumerable scientific papers.
His career started by teaching geology at the University of Ravenna, and then it lead him to the geological authorities in Japan, and the University of Montreal- Canada. In addition, he has completed intensive field studies in Indonesia, Japan, Iceland, Greece and Italy, and has published various scientific articles. Since 1999, he has been a self-employed trader in gemstones specializing in material from Eastern Africa. Since 2002, he has been a professional cutter mainly of image stones. He is also a contributor to the Italian magazine “Rivista Gemmologica Italiana” since 2006.
He is fascinated by agates because of their great variety of banding and colors. The loves the magic of discovering a stone twice, first in nature at the location itself and then again in cutting it at home. He enjoys cutting and working agates because it renders the pieces even more beautiful, and “refined”. Another reason why Marco Campos-Venuti decided to start collecting agates was their eternalness.
Marco is especially interested in agates holding inclusions like plume agates, flame agates, and dendritic agates of the best quality.
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