Kevin Ponzio

Kevin Ponzio As a child growing up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kevin’s interest in rockhounding sprouted from treasure hunts with his brothers after watching The Lone Ranger. His love of rocks grew due to the local rock shows he would attend, as well as the plethora of rock and fossil discoveries he made along the shores of Lake Michigan. As a boy, Kevin’s favorite rocks were Lake Superior Agates, especially ones with eyes. This love grew to include any agates with an orbicular pattern.
Kevin continued to collect over the years and stayed active in the local rock clubs serving as an executive committee member with different Midwest Federation societies for the past 30 years. As an adult, Kevin focused on mineral collecting, but still maintained a curiosity for agates and jaspers. After spending years in the industrial marketing and electronics field, Kevin left to focus full-time on his love of all things rock. Some of his focuses include Poppy Jaspers of California, Kentucky Agates, and the Nolte Agate of Wisconsin.
Kevin is an avid field collector, focusing on rock and minerals from North America. He also travels to speak at museums, schools and rock clubs on a variety of topics, including flint knapping, Poppy Jaspers, Geodes, and the identification and preparation of minerals. Kevin has also written numerous articles for different rock club publications, including a thesis paper on the difference between the genesis of minerals found in Indiana geodes and Keokuk geodes.
As an avid field collector, Kevin is credited with the discoveries of Heulandite in Catron Co., New Mexico, Fluorite in Green Lake County, Wisconsin, and Manganese Dolomite, “Kev’s Dolomite,” in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Kevin also found Phantom Calcite in Racine, Wisconsin, and became the first person to distribute it worldwide. He also found the most prolific site of pyritized geodes in Keokuk, Iowa.
Kevin currently lives in Plymouth, Wisconsin with his lovely wife and his dog, who helps Kevin collect by picking and carrying rocks! More information can be found at Kevin’s website,