Jamie Brezina

Jaime Breznia_pic
Jamie Brezina’s curiosity for agates and geology began at the early age of 10 when a family friend, Marion Ross, took him out collecting in west-central Iowa. Marion planted a seed in Jamie’s mind that has lasted for 30 years. This seed has grown and led Jamie to countless adventures, in search of that next great specimen.
He is currently pursuing a Mining Engineering degree at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and has competed in an International Intercollegiate Mining Competition for four years. His most current agate project is sedimentary agates—including their occurrence, deposition environment, and correlation of regional paleo-environments. Sedimentary agates do not follow the same rules as some volcanic-type agates and his investigations may bring some new information to this ever changing science of agate genesis.
Jamie is involved in several other geologic projects that take him all over the central US that include researching, mapping and publishing on Cretaceous Hydrocarbon Seeps, also called teepee buttes. This research has inspired him to attend and present at conferences in Switzerland and France. He feels very lucky to be involved in exciting geologic projects and to have support of collectors and the scientific community. Jamie currently resides in the Black Hills of South Dakota.