Dietrich Mayer

DietrichDietrich Mayer was born in 1940 in Wiesbaden and is married with two grown children. He studied law in Mainz and Frankfurt and after the necessary government examinations, he became a judge. He retired in March 2005 as a federal judge at the Supreme Administrative Court in Leipzig.
In 1972, he started collecting crystallized minerals and agates. The nearby agate locales in Rheinhessen inspired his interest in agates. Over the years, his collection grew more and more and he became more, critical as to what to add to it. Nevertheless, his collection comprises about 4500 agates from locations around the world.
He found about one-third of the agates himself, the remainder being acquired through purchase or trades. His favorite agates in the collection are those from Rheinhessen, the Freisen and Idar-Oberstein areas, Argentina, Botswana, Mexico, and Morocco. He has visited Morocco over 20 times.
Like most collectors, he is fascinated by the variety of colors and patterns of the agates as well as by the question of their genesis, which remains a big mystery even to geo-scientists. He is author of the book “Exquiste Agates” published by Rainer Bode. The book is provided in two different covers, one in English and one in German, however the content is bi-lingual English/German and features around 900 remarkable agates of his collection from all over the world.