Art Gala Night

A fun-filled evening with art, music, and food & drink. Agate art from some of the country’s best agate artists will be on display.

Friday July 8th 5pm – 8pm.
Cedarburg Cultural Center
W62 N546 Washington Avenue
Cedarburg, WI


Judith Kervin

Judith Kervin
Judith Kervin will be “Artist in Residence” at the Cedarburg Cultural Center this July, on Wednesdays and Thursday July 7 from 12-5 pm. There will also be a showing of her work at the Washington House Inn and at the “Cedarburg Gems” exhibition in the Cedarburg Cultural Center.

Kervin has been a professional artist for the past 10 years. She retired from art teaching and a career in the graphic arts industry. Her love for nature and geology has fueled her passion since her early years after college as a backpacker. Stone and rock formations are the inspiration and subject matter of her recent paintings and jewelry.

Kervin currently lives in Cedarburg, Wisconsin with her husband Dale and son. Her “Artscape Studio” is on the 3rd floor of the Mill at the Cedar Creek Settlement. She is a board member of the Cedarburg Artists Guild and a member of League of Milwaukee Artists.

“My art explores texture, color and form through the processes of printmaking, painting and jewelry. The subject matter in my work reflects my passion for nature, geology and abstract form. In printmaking I use experimental techniques combined with mixed media to achieve dramatic results. Through art I try to convey my deep emotion and spiritual connection to nature. My teaching methods focus on the same creative spirit I believe is intuitively present in all individuals.”

Doug Moore
Doug Moore
Doug Moore has been a rockhound for over 57 years and has served as program coordinator for the Heart of Wisconsin Gem & Mineral Society in Central Wisconsin since 1983. A photographer and adjunct faculty member at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Moore started photographing agates in the 1990’s and produced 11 award-winning agate programs for the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies. A former naturalist and biologist, Moore began experimenting with a stereomicroscope in the parasitology lab at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, photographing agates and agatized fossils like dinosaur bone. In the past few years, his microscope images have won awards in the Nikon and Olympus International microscope photography competitions. Many of those images are on permanent display in museums and research institutions in Germany, India and Argentina.

Douglas Paul Morgan
Doug Morgan
Douglas Paul Morgan was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1948. He was educated at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio and the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, California. In addition to his work as a fine artist, he taught for many years at the renowned Academy of Art College in their graduate and the under graduate departments. Morgan has won numerous awards for his paintings, both nationally and on the west coast, including California Art Club exhibitions and Artist’s Magazine Annual Painting Competitions. Some of these include acceptance into the Annual Arts for the Parks competition in 1996 and 1997. In 2003, he was awarded the second place jury award at the prestigious Napa Valley Museum Biennial Plein Air Painting Exhibition in Napa, California. In 2007 he won an Award of Merit at the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters National Show. At the Telluride Plein Air Outdoor Painting Exhibition in 2009 he won the Southwest Art Magazine Award for best body of work and in 2012 won the Third Place Artist Choice Award sponsored by Plein Air Magazine. He has been profiled in the 1996 issue of American Artist magazine, the December 2000 issue of the Artist’s Magazine, Southwest Art magazine’s 2002 May and June editions, Art of the West May/June 2004 Edition and in the book, Best of Flower painting II, published by Northlight Books in 1999. In 2005 his paintings were published in two new books by International Artist, 100 Ways to Paint People and Figures, Volume 2 and 100 Ways to Paint Still Life and Forms, Volume 2. He has been profiled in the May 2007, May 2008 and May 2010 editions of American Art Collector Magazine, the 2010 spring quarterly edition of Peaks and Plains Magazine published by Great lakes Airlines, the September/October 2010 edition of Art of the West Magazine and the April/May 2012 edition of Plein Air Magazine. In the June 2006 edition of Southwest Art Magazine he was designated an “Artist to Watch”, was comprehensively profiled in the May 2010 edition of Southwest Art Magazine and was one of 13 winners in the 2011 Southwest Art Magazine’s Annual Artistic Excellence competition. In 2014 his work was the Audience Choice at Aspen Plein Air, a finalist in the Raymar Art Competition and Artist Choice for the 7th Annual Napa Valley Art Festival.
Douglas Paul Morgan is a signature member of the Oil Painters of America and the prestigious California Art Club, one of the oldest art clubs in the United States.

Claudette Lee-Roseland
Claudette Roseland
I am a painter who loves the activity of putting the paint on any available surface. My usual work is in acrylics with an abstract subject matter. During the summer months, I often work in plein air oil landscapes. A third passion is that of Encaustics, a wax-based painting medium. Abstracts may be as large as 4×5’, while oil landscapes are painted with oil and cold wax in small format, usually 6×6.”

I enjoy playing with shape, color and form and often use drawing pencil or colored pencil in the work to create added interest. Movement of the viewer’s eyes throughout the painting is important to me. Interesting shapes appear as I work on the deep and interesting surfaces. I attempt to portray the landscape in new and interesting color combinations with minimal details.

I have been painting and teaching for more than twenty years.

Tom Shearer
Tom Shearer
Although a lifelong photography enthusiast, Tom Shearer’s first encounter with agates as a subject occurred on Memorial Day weekend 2007 when he chanced to pick up a slab of Mexican Lace Agate at a local rock shop. Tom was already a professional medical photographer and accustomed to closeup photography using macro lenses. His pondering what that Lace Agate might look like under magnification led him on a journey that includes being the featured photographer in several books and the photographer for multiple Rock & Gem magazine covers. In 2008 he was awarded second place in the 2008 Olympus Camera’s Bioscapes competition.

Steve Wheeler
Steve Wheeler

Steve Wheeler, proprietor of Steve Wheeler Photography, is the son of Richard Wheeler and Fedna Fowler. Steve was born in San Antonio and raised in Dallas, Texas. His initial career included civil engineering and telecommunications.

Steve’s interest in the gem and mineral hobby was spurred at the age of 11 when he responded to an advertisement for trilobites in the back of a magazine. His interest grew in the late 1980s when he went camping and hunting in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. It was in Broken Bow where Steve met the late Cephis Hall who led him on several day trips to dig quartz in southeast Oklahoma. The agate bug bit Steve when he discovered Brad Cross’ book, The Agates of Northern Mexico.

While fascinated by the mineral photography of the classic photographers Harold and Erica Van Pelt, Jeff Scovill, and others, Steve recognized that a gap existed by the exclusion of fine agates and jaspers. He took advantage of the opportunity by building on a previous talent. Steve had taken photography classes at Brookhaven Junior College and acquired his first 35 mm camera in the late 1970s. With a growing agate collection, coupled with an eye for photography, Steve purchased his first SLR camera in 2007 to document his agate collection. As camera technology improved, Steve upgraded his camera suite, producing images today that are among the best in the industry.

When Steve first started collecting banded agates he fantasized of crawling around inside them and exploring their every detail. Macrophotography allowed him to help partially fulfill that fantasy and share with the world details which would normally never be seen. Steve’s goal in his ‘agate art’ is to create aesthetically pleasing pieces that would be appreciated by anyone, not just connoisseurs of gems and minerals. His ‘agate art’ demonstrates that it’s not always the technique that makes a good photograph, but one’s personal connection to the subject that truly makes an image resonate.

Steve’s master-quality work has been showcased on several covers of Rock and Gem magazine as well as a science school textbook. In addition to his skills of gem and mineral photography, Steve has also mastered wildlife and architectural images. His multi-faceted photography skills have been featured in Modern Luxury magazine and his photographs of internationally recognized musicians have been featured on several CD covers.

Carol Wood
Carol Wood
Carol Wood is a professional photographer from Northern Illinois. Her interest in agates stems from her brother, Jim Magnuson, who has a world class Lake Superior Agate collection. Together, Carol and Jim have photographed and authored several books featuring Lake Superior and Fairburn agates.
Carol enjoys rock hounding as well as jewelry design along with her passion for photography.