About Us

logoAgate Expos LLC was formed to bring together geologists, collectors, authors, and rock enthusiasts from around the world.  The 2016 Agate Expo will include collections, educational stories, and the sale of all things silica.  The events of the expo include a symposium of worldwide agate experts, the main show which consists of vendors and exhibits, and a celebration banquet.


Veronica Woods – Chief Executive of Agate Expos LLC

VeronicaVeronica Woods graduated from The University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee earning a Fine Arts Degree in Theater.  She spent the following years traveling across the country fulfilling contractual theater work in Washington DC, New York, and Chicago.

Returning to Wisconsin in 2001, she decided to work for the family business while starting a family of her own.  Starting out as a lapidary assistant, Veronica quickly moved into managing the store. Through the years she has majorly contributed to the growth and success of the business.  She oversees all aspects of advertising and sales, human resources, and continual vision for the company.  Veronica currently serves as the President of The Gem Shop, Inc.

In addition to contributing to The Gem Shop, Veronica has also been the manager of the Tucson Showplace, LLC.  For the past 10 years she has promoted and executed a Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson, AZ during the large gathering in February.  She has overseen all aspects of show promotion, advertising, contracts, building repair, and maintenance for the Tucson Showplace.

Veronica was privileged to attend the 2008 and 2012 agate themed shows here in the Midwest with The Gem Shop, Inc.  After the end of the agate show in Minnetonka, she saw the need for another grand agate event.  With the encouragement of many, she decided to form the company Agate Expos, LLC in December of 2012.  This company was solely built to produce and promote the 2016 Agate Expo.